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Support service offered to women who are in a situation of risk regarding their safety, accessible NON STOP.

The Mediation and Community Security Center (CMSC) has been offering integrated assistance services to victims of domestic and gender violence for 22 years.

The Mediation and Community Security Center launched in August 2022 - an emergency telephone line for victims of gender and domestic violence - Helena Helpline

This line offers 24/7 assistance and support, provided by well-trained professional experts and volunteers. The confidential and anonymous nature of the Helena Helpline provides a safe and non-judgmental space for you to talk about your experiences.

If you, or someone you know, is afraid of a close person, if you feel insecure or threatened:
* you can call us for free at Tel. Green: 0800.070.017 (accessible only in Romania);
* you can call the Emergency Phone: +40787.878.806, normal phone rate (voice call) and free online for text or voice messages on Telegram, WhatsApp, and for SMS text messages.
* you can send a written message on the platform

Helena Helpline is accessible NON-STOP in Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, and English

CMSC offers GLORIA integrated services (more information
Facilitating the access of victims of abuse and domestic and gender violence from the rural and small urban areas of Iași, Vaslui, Bacău, and Neamț counties to integrated services

Services offered for FREE:

Legal assistance services and representation in court

Psychological, family, social, parental counseling, psychotherapy, support group

Insurance of the costs regarding the issuance of medical-legal certificates
Home security measures

Payment of transport to social services, crisis package




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